We at Certus Legal Group are continuing to monitor rules and recommendations, along with practices of other similar businesses in the communities we serve, with respect to remaining open to hosting in-office meetings with our clients and prospective clients.  At present, we are taking the following measures in recognition that we serve many individuals who might be considered in the “high risk” category for complications from the COVID-19:

  • All consultations and appointments will be conducted by phone and/or video conference call unless a client appointment requires in person signatures on documentation.  Appointments involving signatures will continue to be held as “in office” appointments.
  • Clients will be asked to reschedule any in office appointments if they or anyone in their household has experienced any cold or flu like symptoms within the last 48 hours and not come to our office.
  • To the extent we can secure it, we will have hand sanitizer available at the entrance of the office and will ask clients to sanitize their hands upon entering our office.
  • We have taken extra steps regarding wiping down conference room tables and other surfaces within the office more after appointments to help reduce the risk of exposure to infections.
  • To the extent possible, we will maintain social distance practices with visitors to our office as well as internally with our co-workers.  In other words, we will avoid shaking hands or being in close proximity with others to minimize personal contact or exposure.

We realize that these measures may cause some inconveniences.  However, we will err on the side of some minor inconvenience for the sake of safety for our employees and clients.

In addition, we want to be very conscious of each employee’s health and have encouraged each employee who is not feeling well to stay home. We are making some adjustments to our policies to account for the COVID-19 implications which are effective immediately as we want to give each of employee the support they may need.  At the same time, we are implementing additional remote working options that will allow for us to continue to serve clients and otherwise continue the operations of the firm as we all work through this public health situation.