The Wisconsin Law Journal recently released their “Power List” of Family Law and Estate Planning Attorneys. We are please to share that Mark Shiller was included in the list.

According to the Wisconsin Law Journal, “[t]he Power List is a new feature from the Wisconsin Law Journal that examines the power brokers who lead and influence various parts of the Wisconsin legal community.”  With respect to the family law and estate planning attorneys, they sought to “highlight those whose mere presence on a case signies the stakes, who have influenced the direction of the law, whose leadership in the community is pervasive and whose respect within the bar is undeniable. To create this editorial-selected list, [they] interviewed respected attorneys and other leaders around the state, reviewed outcomes of significant cases handled by these and other attorneys, and consulted the archives of the Wisconsin Law Journal to highlight people whose achievements and influence [they] recognize as powerful attorneys in Wisconsin.”

The write up on Mark is here: